Traditional, Dance-inspired music

I perform traditional music, particularly that of New England, where I live. Most often I play for dancers. Exploring the connections of music and dance is one of my guiding passions.

I have played across the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom at large festivals, tiny New England grange halls, in the dust of Nevada’s Black Rock desert, and many a night with friends by a wood stove in the chilly north of Alaska. Music and dance has taken me wonderful places, made me countless friends, and provided me with such memorable experiences. My playing has also been profiled in Flatpicking Guitar Magazine.

Playing with a variety of musicians in various regular and ad hoc combinations keeps me sharp. I am especially grateful for the opportunities I have had to meet and play alongside many of my heroes and inspirations, not least in the Stringrays.



All-star band with Rodney Miller, Sam Bartlett, Stuart Kenney, and Mark “Pokey” Hellenberg.

Frequent collaborators

Julie Metcalf, Audrey Knuth, Dave Langford, Karen Axelrod, Cedar Stanistreet, and the prestigious, indefatigable Monday Nights at the Scout House crew, among others.


Discontinued. From 2008-2016, this trio performed across the US. Listen here.